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General Presentation

Danube Delta

At the end of a road, that surpasses 2.860 km, gathering rivers to an outstanding basin, with a surface that covers more than 80% of the European surface, Danube, the second ...
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Functional areas

strictly protected areas: 20 sites covering a total of 50 904 hectares (8.7% of the Reserve’s surface). The protection is mandatory and these areas contain pristine places, ...
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Danube Delta has a continental-temperate climate with some pontic (marine) influence. The average annual air temperature has moderate values with a slow increase from West to ...
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Main geographic units

The main geographic divisions of the DDBR are as follows: • Danube Delta • Maritime Danube to Cotul Pisicii • Isaccea- Tulcea sector of the Danube flood plain • ...
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Universal value

The only Delta in the world entirely declared as Biosphere Reserve Establishment year: 1990 Surface 580 000 hectares - 2,5 % of Romania’s surface ( 22nd place among the ...
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Danube Delta genesis

At the end of a course of over 2,840 km, collecting the water from a vast hydrological basin that exceeds 8% of the area of Europe, the Danube (the second largest river of the ...
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