Toutist routes on Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Territory

  1. Boat Routes
  2. Hiking Trails
Map of the tourist routes in the DDBR

Boat Routes:

Route 1: Tulcea – Gârla Şontea (Şontea Stream)– Mila 23 – Crişan – Tulcea
This tour can also be done on Tulcea – Gorgova – Mila 23 – Crişan – Tulcea
Route 2: Tulcea –  Litcov Channel – Crişan – Tulcea 
Route 3: Tulcea – Stipoc Channel – Chilia Veche – Tulcea
Route 4: Tulcea (Câşla Lake) – Gârla Somova (Somova Stream) – Saon Monastery (Telincea Lake) – Tulcea
Route 5: Murighiol –Dranov Channel – Gura Portiţei – Dunavăţ Channel – Murighiol  
Route 6: Murighiol- Dunavăţ Channel- Cocoş Channel - Mustaca Channel - Centura Channel - Dranov Channel – Murighiol
(the route extends on Centura Channel towards Lipoveni Channel;  and on Mustaca Channel into Razim Lake, wherefrom you can continue traveling on route 5 to Gura Portiţei)
Route 7: Murighiol – Uzlina –Uzlina Lake –Isac Lake – Gârla Perivolovca (Perivolovca Stream) – Murighiol
Route 8: Murighiol – Uzlina –Litcov Channel – Crişan Channel –Puiu Lake –Erenciuc Lake – Murighiol
Route 9: Crişan – Roşu Lake– Sulina – Crişan
Route 10: Crişan – Mila 23 – Trei Iezere Lake – Crişan
Route 11: Crişan- Magearu Channel – Sulina – Crişan
Route 12: Chilia Veche –Sulimanca Channel – Matiţa Lake –Rădăcinoasele Channel – Chilia Veche
Route 13: Sulina – Cardon Channel – Periprava – Musura Bay – Sulina  
Route 14: Sulina – Busurca Channel – Roşu Lake – Erenciuc Lake – Sf. Gheorghe – Sea Coast Belt Channel – Sulina
Route 15:  Sf.Gheorghe - Gârla Turcească (Turkish Stream) - Sf. Gheorghe

Hiking Trails

Trail D1: Letea (Sfiştofca) - Nebunu Lake - Letea
Trail D2: Caraorman – Caraorman Forest
Trail D3: Murighiol - Sărături Lake - Murighiol
Trail D4: Tulcea (Tudor Vladimirescu) - Sireasa Channel - Mila 35 Channel - Tulcea
Trail D5: Nuntaşi - Histria Ancient City- Nuntaşi
Trail D6: Sulina - Sulina Beach
Trail D7: Sulina Beach
Trail D8: Nature Trail (St. Gheorghe)
Trail D9: Sfântu Gheorghe-Câşla Vădanei

(Letea Forest and Caraorman Forest are strictly protected areas that can be visited only for scientific purposes, access is permitted only to researchers and specialized groups, accompanied by representatives of the Reserve Authority. Tourists can visit only the areas outside the strictly protected zone)

CAMPING in DDBR- Information- 2011

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority informs visitors that within DDBR’s perimeter camping is prohibited, except in authorized camping sites, properly equipped according to sanitary requirements. The measure is adopted to prevent accidents, illnesses and other risks that can occur when camping in areas without sanitary facilities and to prevent adverse effects on species and natural habitats, generated by behavior of tourists camping in such areas.
Visitors of the Reserve are asked, for their own sanitary safety, to use only authorized accommodation spaces available in localities within the Danube Delta and the surrounding areas.
Authorized locations on Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve territory where accommodation is possible in cottages, villas and bungalows or in camping sites:

  1. Camping “DELFINUL” (3***) Sf. Gheorghe (cottages, villas), Tel: 0240. 546896, Fax: 0240.546896,  E-mail: info@deltasfantugheorghe.ro www.deltasfantugheorghe.ro
  2. Camping  „CAMPOEUROCLUB PARTIZANI” (3***)– com. Partizani, tel +40/722307085,  0723.393960,  www.campoeuroclub.ro E-mail: contact@campoeuroclub.ro
  3. Sulina youth hostel - Str. a - II -a, nr 1, Loc. Sulina, Tulcea   Tel:   0040-744-751.975, http://holiday-danube-delta.ro/
Authorized locations offering accommodation only in villas, cottages, cabins:

  1. Vacation village LA EDEN (3***) - Gura Portiţei – (cottages, villas), 0240/561429; 0723/527510; 0740/084084; Fax: 0740/084084, www.guraportitei.ro , e-mail: rezervari@guraportitei.ro
  2. Tatanir Tourism Complex - Location: Chilia, Tel: 0788.383.779